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Who's going to the GameSalad convention in Vegas next month?

design219design219 Posts: 2,273Member
edited November -1 in Introductions
Okay, so they haven't scheduled one yet, but if they did, who would go, and what would you like to see? Here's my agenda (subject to change):

—Day one
9 AM: Quantumsheep on how to keep up beat when GameSalad updates bug out
11 AM: Firemaplegames on the key to being brilliant
1 PM: Tshirtbooth on how to create games in your sleep
3 PM: Hunnenkoenig on building relations in the developer community
3:10: Tiny Monster on release strategy
4 PM: Eastbound on staying focused
7 PM: Scitunes and his band will play
(open bar all day)

—Day two
9 AM: All day game development competition begins
Noon: GameSalad execs distribute free pro upgrades to all
9 PM: Competition closes
10 PM: Jam session for all GameSalad musicians
(open bar all day)

—Day three
2 PM: Winners announced by Steve Jobs who passes out free iPhones for all
(open bar all day)

Okay, what would you all like to see?


  • JamesZeppelinJamesZeppelin Posts: 1,927Member
    Keeping with form we would need and extra day to load the GS stuff into the convention center. :P

    On a serious note that jam session sounds fun. I live in the middle of nowhere and have no one to jam with. My les paul hasnt seen the light of day in years.... She even missed her 30th birthday
  • ckurt25ckurt25 Posts: 122Member
    If you decide to hold the convention in Michigan, I'm in. Sure it's not as sexy as Vegas but Detroit has hosted plenty of major events in the last few years -
    Major League Baseball All Star Game (2005)
    World Series (2006)
    Super Bowl XL (2006)
    NCAA Men's Basketball Final Four (2009)
    NCAA Men's Hockey Frozen Four (next month)
  • EastboundEastbound Posts: 1,074Member, BASIC
    Oh god I hate public speaking. I can give a seminar about my grim outlook on the App Store's future for us, though!
  • StormyStudioStormyStudio United KingdomPosts: 3,987Member
    if they host it in London Uk, I'll pop by and see Easbounds lecture..
  • QuinnZoneStudiosQuinnZoneStudios Posts: 452Member
    My Doctor won't let me come.
    He says there's a conflict of interests, what with my visits to GameSaladaholics Anonymous meetings and all......
  • maniraptormaniraptor Posts: 81Member
    Wait - I thought Jobs was supposed to be passing out free iPads to all attendees?

  • maniraptormaniraptor Posts: 81Member
    It could happen. There is precedent!
    (Pre-registration at GDC this year included a free Android phone.)
  • PhoticsPhotics Posts: 4,172Member
    Is this a joke post or is there actually going to be a convention in Vegas?
  • tower888tower888 Posts: 2Member
    I live in Vegas... We could have it in my living room! Maximum capacity would be about 8 people, so be sure to pre-register immediately!! : )
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