New to GS, can someone help me with a question on this tutorial ?

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Hi everyone. I just started working with GS a few days ago. After running through things on my own for a bit I started working through the tutorial located at the following address.

I believe this is from the first chapter of the GameSalad for Beginners book. The question that I have though is in regard to the Player actor as shown in the tutorial. After having followed everything exactly as shown in the examples, my player character is very ..umm.. floaty ?? when moving. What I mean is that, for example, I press the right arrow while he is initially falling down to the platform, he simply starts to float through the air to the right. Or if I press the left arrow as he is falling off the edge and subsequently gets turned at an odd angle, I can actually make him fly circles in the air since it continues to move to the objects left no matter what.

I have tried increasing gravity more and it cause him to fall faster but if I press any arrows in the air it still starts to float. Not sure what I am doing wrong and the tutorial doesn't seem to address the issue. Would appreciate any help and thanks for being patient. I'm sure this must seem like a totally newbish question.

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    The Move behavior is a very basic kind of movement that doesn't take into account other forces against the actor. You may prefer to use a Change Velocity behavior or to change the actor's speed by using Change Attribute self.motion.linear velocity.x. If your actor is rotating, go into the actor's attributes and enable Fixed Rotation:


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    Thanks a ton ! I knew it had to be something simple, especially with the rotation thing. I will try working on the other movement types you suggested tomorrow when I boot it back up for a while.

    Thanks again !
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