How to make a meter?!

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I am trying to make a meter that grows from its X positon. So by default its at 10 on the width. I am trying to make it just go forward and ground in size by his width going up to at least 300 or 400 at the most. But every time I try to do it. It just grows on both sides but I want it only increasing in size by its width on the front side and the back stays still. What do I have to do to do this. Thank you guys for you time!!!!!

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    @JohnPapiomitis @tshirtbooth Thnks guys these really helped! I think I can get it down with these. Thank you!
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    @tshirtbooth Hey Tshirtbooth I was checking out your tutorial and aslo the one John provided. And there both very close to what I am going for I kind of got it to the way I want it. I want to make a power bar rise (Sideway) by a push of a button. But for some reason it only moves once. The way I did it was I constrained the meter's self.size.height to Game.prayerMeter (Its a integer)
    And also self.position.x to 15+(self.size.height/2) and created a button and put when touch is pressed . and game.button is true (I created a button that when you talk to someone it will become active and it works well) Timer every .5 second change attribute Prayermeter +30) And it moves......once.. I also put a rule that says when prayermeter = 120 then change attribute dooropen to true. So what am I doing wrong thats causing my script not to work right?
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