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Ok, so normally when you want to set your self.position to some attribute you have to do self.position x = (whatever attribute x)
and self.position y=(whatever attribute y) right? So you have to do 2 things, your x, and your y.
I was wondering though if you could do 1 thing, like say set self.positionx,self.positiony to (whatever att x,whatever att y)

However, I tried doing that and it didn't work for some reason.
There is a super long explanation for why I need this to happen, but you don't really need to know because its a lot of reading.

So, is there any way to find out if a location of something = a location of something else w out having to make 2 attributes x and y?

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    You can use the magnitude math function which measures the distance between two points. If the magnitude equals zero, then the two actors' centers are in the same exact location.

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