Make an actor to the opposite direction from another in percentage

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Hi GS guys, i need to know how could i make an actor to the opposite direction from another in percentage, if the actor move to the right the other to the left and vice versa.


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    @tshirtbooth Hi man, thanks for your help, but i think i did not explain very well my idea, i'm looking for the actor moves to the opposite direction X of the other actor in percentage, by example: if the main actor moves to 50 pixels to the right the other moves 7% to the left and if the first one returns to the left the other moves to the right the 7% of the pixels, it's important to say that the main actor moves by gravity colliding with platforms and walls, maybe it is easy math for others but believe me when i say that i sucks in maths i'm more graphic artist than another thing, i hope somebody could me, thanks for your time bro.
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    No, it is more like a parallax effect but simpler.
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    Thanks man, no it is not, but really thanks. Let try to do it of another way, take care.
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