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Changing Size?

ShineHouseGamesShineHouseGames Posts: 100Member, PRO
edited April 2012 in Working with GS (Mac)
I'm sure, again, that this is extremely basic..

But how do I change the size of a character within a rule (not using the Change Size Behavior)? I want the size of the actor to change immediately, not over time with a growth rate. Thanks.

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  • master200012master200012 Posts: 372Member
    You could just do something like this:
    When something happens,
    change attribute (self.size.x to 100 or something)

    Change attribute (self.size.y to 50 or something)

    I like your pic!
  • ShineHouseGamesShineHouseGames Posts: 100Member, PRO
    lol thanks..

    for some reason, the editor won't let me set the rule
    When actor1 overlaps or collides with actor2,

    Set Timer: "For" 10 seconds
    Change Attribute (self.size.width) to 100
    Change Attribute (self.size.height) to 100

    Set Timer: "After" 10 seconds
    Change Attribute (self.size.width) to 50
    Change Attribute (self.size.height) to 50

    I want the size to go back to its original after 10 seconds, and this is not working. Any thoughts?
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