Why does the forum immediately change a post to answered after someone replies?

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Seems like it should stay unanswered until the original poster says otherwise. There are lots of times someone asks a clarification question and then it's tagged. Maybe I just don't understand how it works.



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    Thanks, I didn't notice the checkmark. I still think it would be nice to to have the unchecked questions continue to show up under the unanswered part of the categories. Maybe it would cause too much clutter, but until it's checked is it really answered?
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    As a side note, I also think there should be criteria for the "insightful, agree, like, and awesome" buttons. If you hover over each one, it should let you know what criteria would warrant that response, because right now it's really too arbitrary (therefore meaningless). Think about it. If I "like" something, it's because it's "Awesome", or because I "Agree", or find it "Insightful". Something that is "insightful" could be really awesome and make me like it. Would I disagree with something that I liked or found insightful or awesome?

    I really like that they have the buttons. However, right now it's like winning a random colored ribbon at the fair - what does it mean?
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    Yes be cause Unfortunatly half the time a user never checks the answer as accepted even when it is dead on.

    Also I would recommend making sure to only use the reject answer button when the answer is truely useless. I have found myself returning to more threads where my answer has been accepted even when it did not provide a 100% solution so I can check to see if they had any additional questions. The reason is I get an email when my answers are accepted and I don't when they are rejected. Its a nice idea for the q&a system but the system itself could use some tweaks to better show the three states as well as the user base understanding how it can be used to thier advantage. That's way it's put to better use. I will stop helping a user who just rejects answers to keep their thread to show unanswered cause I think it's rude to reject perfectly reasonable answers and an improper use of the system.

    Anyways now I'm just rambling on. So I'm go cut it short at that. Lol

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    Once it's tweaked they should have Tshirtbooth make a video. "...and that's all you need to know about posting to the Gamesalad forums". I bet a lot more people would watch a video on forum etiquette/policy than read.
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