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Can't delete AdHoc build from App Store?

SlowboySlowboy Posts: 329Member, PRO
edited May 2012 in Miscellaneous
Sorry, not sure what category to put this into, but here's my issue...

I built an AdHoc version of my game, then actually released the game, so it is now in the Lion App Store. So, this AdHoc now beleives itself to be the *actual* game. I have deleted my local version of it, but am now in the situation where I've lost my keys and my mobile phone...sorry....I'm now in the situation where the game is NOT on my 'Purchases' list, because I deleted it from that, it is NOT in my 'Update' list, because it's been deleted, but....when I go to the game's page to try to 'buy' it, the only option I am given by the button is to 'update' it!
I've had a similar screwy situation before where the App Store got confused as to what I had and what I didn't have, but I can't really remember how I fixed it - might've been something like unchecking scanning for Spotlight, then re-checking it?

Anyhoo, has anyone had and fixed anything like this themselves, or should I just go ahead and try that Spotlight trick and see if that help?

Thanks all!
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