Help me find this old Mac game from the late 80s -90s

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So I have been trying to find the name of this game I used to play as a kid on our old mac. I have no idea what mac it was but I know it was black and white. It was around the same time that I was playing Shufflepuck Café (see the video 1:25 mark) so this should give you an idea of the age and era.

The only things I can remember about the game are as follows:
*I think it was an adventure game or RPG or dungeon castle type game.
*I think it had large maps/dungeons as my dad had a huge file filled with the printed maps.
*It was black and white
*You played from a top down view
*either when you died or entered a new room, Mozarts Requiem Dies Irae would play (the first 10 seconds or so.... see the video below)

Now, I know a lot of people here are young and can't help but if any of you older guys have any ideas please post. When I found the video for Shufflepuck Café my heart melted with nostalgia, I really want to show my dad these games to give him the same feeling.

Cheers guys.


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