image sprite blues :( ( glitchin out )!

machinegunkellymachinegunkelly Member Posts: 56
Hey all :)

I have a game I'm working on and my main character has a animation sprite for moving right and jumping... each sprite or "animate" panel sprite consists of two images.

The main character is constrained to a X axis at 750 at all times.

The jump is run on press of the spacebar and then makes adds a "self.grounded?" = false to the equation which then makes the jump animation play...

everything seems to work, but the sprites really glitch out and it twitches now and then... not sure if this is just the previewer or if my game will appear like this once built, but since everything else seems to be nice and smooth animation wise.... I'm assuming it's not just lag, but indeed a bug

My images are even pixel dimensions and all the same dimension of 248x124

Any help or point in the right direction would be great :D

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  • xforcexforce Posts: 187
    Accepted Answer
    if you're only testing in the preview then don't worry about it too much. test it on the device and see what happens then


  • machinegunkellymachinegunkelly Member Posts: 56

    I relaid the logic the exact same way and the glitch cleared up.. so not sure if it was just an oddity or what ;P

    eitherway , I'm happy.
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