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My Macbook Pro is saying full but i can only account for less than 1/2 of the claimed used space

part12studiospart12studios Posts: 619Member
edited May 2012 in Miscellaneous
Has anyone experienced it where if you do command+I and add up all the space its far far less than how much remaining space is left on the hard drive? I have a 200gb partition (bootcamp is on the other 1/2) and i only show about 80gb of data in the visible folders...

I even did a terminal command to show hidden folders and that only exposed maybe another 12gb of space used.. so where is this other +100gb of "used" space?

I know i could just do a big reinstall, but i'd really like to avoid it and fix this because while that would be a fix, what's to keep this from happening again if i don't know what caused it this time



  • part12studiospart12studios Posts: 619Member
    totally empty.. well i do have a couple of files that insist "the operation can't be completed because ou don't have permissions to access some of the items".. but i'm admin on my system.

    also the files for what its worth seem to simply be folders.. like a folder that's 5-6 folders deep but nothing inside that folder so the space they occupy should be close to nothing..

    i would love to know how to override those files while i'm at it. maybe there is a relation.. but it seems like even if the folder and that whole project were occupied it would account for maybe 1-2gb at the absolutely max..

    Here is a quick breakdown:
    Applications 42 gb
    Developer (xcode stuff) 12 gb
    Dropbox 2gb
    Library 12 gb
    private (hidden folder) 10 gb
    System 5gb
    usr (hidden folder) 1.96 gb
    Users 57gb

    = 142gb

    ok i do have to corret my values from before.. it does seem that the numbers are closer to true than they were this weekend.. but still right now when i do command+I for the OSX disk.. it shows that i have 166gb used.. so there is still a pretty big chunk of missing space.. like 24gb of unaccounted for space..

  • part12studiospart12studios Posts: 619Member
    edited May 2012
    also to answer that other question about Mac Keeper, no i'm not using anything special for the mac.. just straight snow leopard 64bit. Macbook Pro is less than a year old.

    Thanks! :)
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