Sick review from 148apps =)

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Hey guys,
I just got this really cool app review:

"Want to make bass drops that are so sick, the CDC will have to declare a pandemic? Want to make dubstep so dirty that you’ll feel compelled to put on an episode of Game of Thrones just to feel clean again? Then Bass Drop is a must-download. This app lets anyone make some sick dubstep beats. I’m an undercut away from being Skrillex!

There’s a keyboard for making assorted “wub wub wub wub” sounds from 3 different sets, and 12 buttons that can add effects, bass lines, and drum loops. These buttons can be configured with different types of the sounds, and with the ability to have them be toggles, or only play when physically held down. 3 different preference layouts can be saved to make recreating favorite tracks easier. Bass Drop is currently free through the end of May, so aspiring electronic musicians can get in on portable dubstepping at an unbeatable price "


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