how do you backup your ipod music to mac?

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I wanna download some new music but my ipod’s running out of space. I really don’t wanna delete any single song, how can i backup them to my computer? They said I can copy the songs to anywhere on pc but that didn’t work at all, when ipod was pluged in there was no music(only some pictures) shown on the computer! I know there must be one solution, anyone know how ?


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    I use iTunes to backup my music to my computer (a Mac). Actually, that's the reverse. The music is on my computer first and I put it on my iPhone through iTunes.

    If the songs were bought through the iTunes Store, I think they could be re-downloaded through iCloud. I haven't tested that though... as I haven't bought any songs through iTunes. That could change really soon though. Normally I prefer to buy CDs, but I've found a compilation of songs on iTunes that I couldn't find in retail stores.
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    First, pls make sure you use the latest iTunes version for your iPod Touch. Just open iTunes and connect your iPod to the compute. Once iTunes recognize your iPod Touch you may click “Music” in the navigation bar and select the music you want to transfer. Click the songs you ‘ve chosen and drag them onto the iPod menu in the navigation bar. Wait for a few minutes and you can see them on your ipod. Done!
    If you don’t wanna use itunes or wanna find another easy way, then just google [URL=""]iPod Transfer[/URL] to seek some useful tools :)
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    1、 Open the iPod control folder then open the music folder. Copy each one of those folders (should look similar to these: F00, F01 ...) onto your computer.
    You can do this by creating a new folder on your desktop and dragging the files into the folder.
    2.Open iTunes and insert the new folder you created on your computer's desktop into: library ---> Music
    3.You can now sync your iPod to this new computer without losing all of your music.
    More Reviews about iPod Music to Computer:
    For PC:[URL=""]How to transfer and backup music/songs from iPod to pc[/URL] .

    For Mac:[URL=""]How to transfer or backup music/songs from iPod to Mac[/URL]
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    How did the music get onto your iPod in the first place? Can you not just sync via iTunes?
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    i have transfered songs from ipod to pc when i upgraded my pc. bascially you have to have more than half the total memory of your ipod available. you then turn it into a memory stick of sorts - the instructions are on i tunes - i recommend you print them out and follow them step by step.
    How to transfer and copy music/songs from iPod to PC
    How to transfer and copy music/songs from iPod to Mac
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    Anyway, in Windows you have to let Windows to sync the music from iPod to PC. This is normally happens when you plug the iPod in to the PC, and the "what do you want to do with this device" dialogue pops-up. Its here you can choose to sync music. If you don't get the pop-up you've probably told Windows it to not bother you ever again with that dialogue. You can reverse that by going to My Computer, right clicking on the iPod’s icon and somewhere in there is the option re-enable or manually run an import.
    What's more, you can refer these tutorials about [URL=""]how to transfer music from iPod to Computer[/URL].
    Hope it can do you a favor.
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    You can easily get your iPod music backuped with iOS Transfer.
    iOS Transfer is a powerful tool that is capable to backup iPod music to Mac in minutes.
    You can take a try.
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    I like that all the 'backup your music' spam congregates in one thread :D

    Dr. Sam Beckett never returned home...

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    If you purchased all of the songs through itunes store, please follow these steps:
    1. Open up Itunes and Click on Itunes Store
    2. Once you're in the Itunes Store look to right side of the screen and you should see the word "purchased". Click purchased and you'll be sent to a purchase screen.
    3. Click on "All Songs" and then it will show all the songs you've downloaded. From there you just hit the button that looks like a cloud with an arrow on it, and it will download all the songs all over again.

    If you didn't purchase them through Itunes, then you'll have to download software that will strip the songs from your iPod onto your computer. And here is a step by step guide show you how to do that.

    Hope it helps. Feel free to email me if you need further help.

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    You can also take a look at this guide about "how to transfer songs from iPod to iTunes library".

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    Also you can transfer music from iPod to PC or Mac with iPod Music Transfer.
    I've tried a lot of time, it works perfectly.

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    How about closing this thread?

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    @pHghost said:
    How about closing this thread?

    If it were to be closed then a new 'backup your music' spam thread would automatically be started by the spammers/spam bots, if you leave this one open it will act like fly paper and attract all this crap - maybe it could be left open but sunk ?

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