Help with image's in gamesalad

theastamanatheastamana Member Posts: 6
Hello, i have a problem which is easy to explain.
Ive got objects in my game, i am resesing these objects all te time. The game works well in the creator gamesalad simulator, but it has very strange effects in the ios(xcode) viewer. Does anybody know how to solve this problem. For example the background is all messed up and the player is 3 times bigger. This is realy annoying because i cant release my game like this.


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  • EatingMyHatEatingMyHat Member Posts: 1,246
    Did you try an Ad Hoc build as well?
  • theastamanatheastamana Member Posts: 6
    no i just did in in the simulator, but i have made an app with gamesalad before, and i had the same problem with some image's. Does any body else have problems with this?
  • theastamanatheastamana Member Posts: 6
    yes thank you, it helped a bit i think it is accaptable this way. Thank you for the tip
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