Indie? Check this out!

rommaromma Member Posts: 114
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I bet this will be very inspiring for some of us.

I come from a web & marketing background, making games is just another wonderful, pressure less take on programming & logic. I want and will make this my new career, this movie promises to be the inspiration Im after.

Im sure im not the only one, so let's get cracking.


  • KiwiLeeKiwiLee Member Posts: 181
    I watched this at the recent NZGDA conference in Auckland, New Zealand.

    Was a good film. Inspiring = Yes. Shows the true pitfalls and just how damn hard it is to make it. = YES. A good movie for the indie fan. Hope you enjoy it.
  • jn2002dkjn2002dk Member Posts: 102
    Yea this one is definitely on my to buy list once it's released
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