Royalty free and retina graphics

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Hey everyone I just wanted to know if a image says royalty free can it be used for commercial use also I'm not sure if my graphics are retina I know this is a very newbie question but better be safe then sorry how to tell if your graphics are retina.

I know your most likely laughing at how much of a noob I am but when I publish my apps and games I want them to be perfect. :D

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    You should also read the License Agreement that usually comes with those images. There are various levels for the use of a free image. Many sites for example don't let you use it for commercial purposes. Others let you use it only if the volume of your sales is under a certain limits.

    So make sure to check everything to avoid problems.

    As for retina images. For example an iPhone background at retina resolution is 960x640 px and an iPad one is 2048x1536 px.


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