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Hi everyone,

You may have missed my first game Germ War. Well, for those of you who like to try before you buy I've released a Lite version.

It's called, appropriately, Germ War Lite. You get the first 12 levels FREE, and can unlock the rest of the game for 69p/99c only! Bargain!

Germ War Lite US
Germ War Lite UK


  • GreenHavenGamesGreenHavenGames Member Posts: 62
    I would recommend spelling out the goal better. By the first training mission, I was unsure what I was supposed to do. You introduced lots of new units, green dots started appearing, the enemy started shockwaving back, there is a HUD that I was unsure how to read. You have sixteen traing missions. Without knowing things that you take for granted, I got frustrated, and stuck, on the third mission.

    Introduce the players, tell me why they are fighting and how and why I should help. Why is the water dropping? Finally give me complete instructions. Don't be afraid to hold hands in training. Those people that don't need it will skip it anyway.

    Not sure you were asking for this type of feedback, but there it is! I do like what you're making, it just needs more polish. Polish sells!
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    Hi @GreenHavenGames,

    Thanks for your feedback. All criticisms are gratefully received, so thank you.

    There is actually only the one training mission (under Basic Training, on the main menu - did you go through this?), not 16. Those first sixteen are actually part of the full game. If you went into those straight away, then I understand the confusion.

    The 'Basic Training' that I refer to does explain a little of what the HUD is showing you, however, some HUD buttons are left unexplained because you discover what they do later in the game - I wanted some surprise when you click a newly revealed 'battle command' to see what it does. 'Basic Training' also mentions what those 'green dots' are.

    But... on the other hand, if there is some confusion about how to play then maybe I need to take another look.

    I didn't bother to explain the reason why the germs are fighting because I felt that this type of game didn't require an extensive backstory (in the same way that Angry Birds doesn't explain such things).

    You're right though... polish sells. You've given me food for thought.

    Thanks again.
  • GreenHavenGamesGreenHavenGames Member Posts: 62
    I went back and played the training mission. I see what happened. When I did my first shock wave I got lucky and won! It then took me straight to the normal game! I see how you have the next on the the top of the screen. I would recommend that the training is a static, constant mission. Introduce everything, but dont necessarily make it the real game. Then each object can be pointed to and adressed. Otherwise, even if I win, let me get through all the training information. I would prefer to see static pages labeled 1 of X. I then know how much information I need to get through to read/learn the basics.

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    @GreenHavenGames That all makes sense - 1 of X. I may add that in an update.

    Thanks for your insightful comments. I 'Liked' your Facebook page, by the way. I'm trying to bump up my 'Likes', so it would be great if you - or anyone - took a look and clicked the little 'Like' button on my page ;)

    It's so difficult spreading the word when you're a little ol' one man developer such as myself. I've been far too subtle in my marketing - I've realised you've just gotta come out an ask for things!
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    @gwahead do you have a gameplay video?
  • gwaheadgwahead Member Posts: 18
    @EatingMyHat Well that's a coincidence! I was just putting together a Facebook message for you, with some promo codes for Germ War. I 'Liked' your Facebook page a while ago, just haven't got around to submitting my game to you. Would that be ok?

    Anyway, I do have a gameplay video :D

  • EatingMyHatEatingMyHat Member Posts: 1,246
    @gwahead LOL, great minds think alike? ;)

    Game looks like fun, I assume you are planing to edit the video a bit to add some subtitles as to what is going on?

    You can send me the codes for the page whenever you'll get to it, it is not going away (I hope ;) )
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