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Rightio, after my first rejection "which I think was down to a dodgy provisioning profile thingy" my first game Clumsy Bees went live on the App Store this morning.

I'd like to thank everyone on this forum, without you all being so willing to share information and advice I would never have achieved this.

Still a long way to go, but it feels good to get the first game out there.


Promo Codes:

Please let me know what you think, I can put up more codes if people want.

Thanks again everyone!


The evil Lord Cider is using his nasty Apple Vacuum to suck all the apples from your trees. If that's not bad enough, a swarm of fat clumsy bees have arrived and are wrecking your trees!

You tap the bees to keep them in the air and away from your trees. If a tree dies it can't produce any more apples.

Tap to collect apples and prevent them being sucked up the Apple Vacuum, tapping red apples will release worms that will kill any bees they touch, ZAAP! Don't squash the worms though, you'll lose 5 points.

There is a bug spray that will kill all bees on screen when tapped. Collect 8 red apples to recharge the spray.

Keep an eye out for the crop dusting plane, tap that and all your trees will be returned to full health. Thus producing more apples!

• Clumsy Bees is a simple pick-up-and-play game that's great for killing time.

• Keep playing to beat your high score.

• Share your high score on Twitter and challenge your friends to beat it.

• No adverts and no in app purchases, simply pick up, play and enjoy.




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  • battleduckbattleduck Posts: 105
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    Hi, Ive taken M4P94E3XL9NJ
    first impressions are good, i like the concept and plot, nice fun art work.
    Just one small thing id mention is that the apple-vac-omatic graphic in the last screenshot doesn't quite look in keeping with the rest of the art style, but i look forward to playing soon, and will leave a review once i have.
    Good Luck with sales!!


  • battleduckbattleduck Member Posts: 105
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    Ok, having just played it, i like it a lot. but i have a few small ideas tips that IMO might improve it slightly. take em or leave em!
    1) I've mentioned changing the art for the vac, maybe just adding the black outline that everything else has would help tie it in a bit better.
    2) Maybe add an additional mode/ difficulty level whereby only a certain number of apples can escape before its game over, possibly instead, or as well as protecting the trees from the bees. This could just add a little more to the difficulty curve, and a some extra variation for players that have played a good few times before.
    3)I like the funky music, but i noticed that if navigating to the HOW TO or OPTIONS page, the music then restarts once back on the main menu, not a major issue by any means, but if you added a splash screen or even just an extra blank scene before the main menu that just had an invisible actor that triggered the music to play, then a timer "after 0.5sec changed scene" to the main menu, the music wouldn't restart in the way it does. just a little extra polish.
    4)Finally, as it stands with the standard touch controls for collecting apples, the player can only touch 1 apple at a time, this may well be intentional on your part, but you could look into adding multi touch so that the player could simultaneously use two or more fingers to collect / tap things. If this was incorporated along with an increase in the overall game speed (by that i mean the rate at which apples, bees etc are spawning) it could add a more frantic fast paced feel to it.

    As i say these a minor things that you may like to incorporate into the next update,and the last one in particular is very much a question of what feels you're going for, wethers its chilled or fast paced or a mix, but all in all its a very enjoyable game, and a great effort for your first GS game. Good Work!
  • thelogobarthelogobar Member Posts: 93

    Thanks for taking the time to play the game and to leave your comments, you raise some very valid points. I've been thinking about ways to increase the replay value and extra game modes would be a great way to do that.

    Your right about the vac graphic, it looks out of place. The rest of the art I drew first then finished in Illustrator, but the vac I made from scratch in Illustrator which has given it a totally different style. Shall work on that.

    I had a real nightmare with saving the music settings, I finally got it working how I wanted it to then totally forgot to move the settings to a splash screen.

    These are changes I'll definitely be making for the next update.
  • battleduckbattleduck Member Posts: 105
    No worries buddy, glad my comments are of some use.
    I know how frustrating it can be to announce you game, and get little or no feedback, so thought id make the effort.
  • crazycam99crazycam99 Paris, FranceMember Posts: 519
    I've used ALYJ997A9A6A
    Looks Good but I still didn't play it.
    Good luck with sales! :)
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