How to handle folder permissions?

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Hi All, had something been bothering me for ages and wondered how you all deal with this?
I am syncing an iMac and an Air, keeping a Gamesalad folder on each machine and trying to keep them identical at all times. I am now using Skydrive for this, which is working well, apart from loads of permission pains, which I am sure are not specific to Skydrive - if anything it's more specific to GS, or, I suppose, any app that saves files for you?
Basically, I'll sync everything up, then go out with the Air, and change current files and create new files. The problem is that these files generally end up locked, or with restricted access and become a pain to sync back up to the iMac, or vice versa. I just can't seem to get things to work as seamlessly and under the hood as I would expect it too. I constantly have to go into the folders on whichever machine they were last changed and sort out all the permissions on them so that the other machine can access them properly and sync up.
Is this a common issue, or am I doing something wrong??
The one thing that may help, I'm guessing, is that I should be the same 'user' on both machines? I currently have 2 users, I suppose - they're both similar names and password, but I didn't really know how to be only one user for both machines, if you know what I mean? Should I try to get that sorted, or will that be a massive pain?
Any suggestions on best practices for permissions in general would be greatly recieved, as I seem to be poking about with them far more than I would like to!
Can't I just 'unlock' everything and keep it unlocked somehow?! I'm the only one looking at the damned things, so why do I keep having to give 'myself' permission to do so?!!?
Thanks for listening ;]

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    Thanks Fry. Yes, that's exactly what I do, get info - but I'd really rather not. I'm looking for a way to 'keep' things unlocked, or accessible. I change permissions at the top level folder and apply to enclosed items on a regular basis, but new files always seem to be created locked, which means I have to do it all again.


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    i used dropbox without any problems when I had a laptop, i just made sure I closed down the app on one machine before attempting to edit with GS on the other.

    i know a lot of other people on the forums use dropbox as well, some with multiple people so they can work on the project when the other person isn't.

    maybe give drobox a try?
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    Thanks for the suggestion Jon. I have Dropbox, but it's already half full of random bits and pieces. Also had GoogleDrive, which has 5 Gig, like Dropbox. Problem was that, although I'm only syncing 3 gig, I ran out of my 5 gig space by deleting some stuff which ended up filling the trash. Although that's all sorted now, it cost me a day or so at the time, mostly w.a.i.t.i.n.g then figuring out what was wrong.
    Long and short of it is that Skydrive has 25 gig free, so this will surely never run out of space!
    I've also notice permission problems within my Dropbox too, sometimes has trouble syncing because of being denied access.
    I was kind of supposing it was a more general issue - it seems that plenty of people have permission woes!
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    Open get info and at the bottom unlock and change the file permissions. Also a quick fix is to use a USB thumb drive to transfer and it will wash the permissions when you do that.
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