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yay... my first ever online review for an app

SparkyidrSparkyidr Posts: 2,033Member
edited November -1 in Introductions
appsafari reviewed "Put a DONK on it"
3/5...kinda average, but they seemed to like it.



  • JamesZeppelinJamesZeppelin Posts: 1,927Member
    That's awesome!

    Even if its 3/5 I dont think they even review unless its good enough

    So really its like 3/5 int eh higher quality percentage of apps lol
  • design219design219 Posts: 2,273Member
    Cool! Did you submit for a review, or did they just pick it up?
  • SparkyidrSparkyidr Posts: 2,033Member
    I submitted it when it was released I think. I also submitted my other 2 apps tho, and they ignored those :o)
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