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Best PAID review sites

Fabri DamazioFabri Damazio Posts: 97Member
We are looking for paid reviews.

Someone know what sites have the best PAID reviews?

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  • MarkOnTheIronMarkOnTheIron Posts: 1,447Member
    Accepted Answer
    There's a couple mentioned here:

    Make sure to also read the article.

    @tenrdrmer and @TheMoonwalls are only trying to warn you that the money you will spend on those sites is lost money. Usually those sites don't have many views and the few users that stumble upon them will recognize a fake (paid for) review. So you won't get any downloads for your apps coming from those websites. Even getting an honest and unsolicited review from TouchArcade can't guarantee more downloads (like it happened to me).

    If you have money to spend use it to make your game better.

    If you happen to have some more money to trow away at least use it for some real advertising on better websites.


  • IsabelleKIsabelleK Posts: 2,807Member, Sous Chef
    Paid reviews are never good - as a customer, I always check if the site writes paid reviews, and if it does, I just leave. You can't be sure that paid review is honest.
  • Fabri DamazioFabri Damazio Posts: 97Member

    I know but we will work with free and paid reviews.

  • Fabri DamazioFabri Damazio Posts: 97Member
    C'mon guys.

    I'm asking for a best sites with PAID reviews.

    The difference between free and paid reviews we know.
    We just want to work with both.
  • Fabri DamazioFabri Damazio Posts: 97Member
    Thanks @MarkOnTheIron

    I'll check.
  • jamie_cjamie_c Posts: 5,576Member, BASIC
  • apppickercomapppickercom Posts: 11Member
    Here are a few lists of lots of the best review sites.

    The 1st link gives the Alexa rank of the top 167 sites so it's a valuable resource. I guess the best thing to do is balance the visitor numbers with the price of a review.

    I do agree that charging for a review dilutes the objectivity a little but marketing is all about exposure so if a site charges $25 for a review that will be read by 1,000's of readers then it's probably good value, notwithstanding the different attitudes to the ethics of the practice.

    The ideal situation is to make a super app, market it as much as you can using free and paid resources, and give the app you spent money and hard work on developing, the best chance you can to succeed. Unless your develop apps as a hobby, then the whole process should be treated as a business from conception to development and all the way through to advertising and marketing.

    Hope this helps
  • andrewm2211andrewm2211 Posts: 341Member
    Yeah I agree, I'm working hard to make my game excellent.
    And if paying for a review gets me sales, then sure I'll do it. I'm going to do my best to get on the big free review sites too.

    I don't really see what's unethical about that... are commercials with actors "being paid" to enjoy a product on camera unethical? Or those faux "reality show" looking interviews.
  • Fabri DamazioFabri Damazio Posts: 97Member
    Let me be CLEAR.

    When i say PAID reviews, i mean sites where you can pay for a highlight material. All people will know that we PAID for that.

    We wanna a sponsored interview or sponsored post about the game but the clients will know that is paid. There are sites with this feature.

    We don't wanna a 5 stars review.
  • imGuaimGua Posts: 1,089Member
    How about crazymikeapps it seems that a lot of guys here respect this web page. But I've still didn't figure out why.
  • CreeperWareCreeperWare Posts: 43Member
    I have personally used AppCraver, and while they were a bit late on delivering the review, they did a pretty thorough job:

    While I understand where some of the other comments are coming from, some people clearly have not had any experience with real business.

    Money always exchanges hands, it is the great driving force in our world. The fact of the matter is, big developers spend a LOT of money getting their games reviewed on sites like IGN, GameSpot, etc.

    If you are serious about your product and want others to take you seriously, then the exchange of money with advertisers, reviewers, etc will help facilitate the exchange of money between you and your customers - simple as that.
  • JustMe74JustMe74 Posts: 542Member, PRO
    I have personally used AppCraver, and while they were a bit late on delivering the review, they did a pretty thorough job:
    Were you able to measure the effect that this had on your sales?

  • pat3ckpat3ck Posts: 3Member
    It's hard to pick the best but I check the list from ManiacDev from time to time on where to promote best. I like the list because the sites were ranked based on Alexa.

    Submit your app for review here:
  • mataruamatarua Auckland, New ZealandPosts: 854Member
    Another way if you have cash to throw at this like big cash then get you're app purchased through a purchasing crowd bump up the rankings is one way to get up there.
  • IcedBIcedB Posts: 384Member, PRO
    @maturua If you get caught though you lose ur dev account, it happened to a few companies

    Check out my other apps at and get in touch with me at :

  • mrpacogpmrpacogp Posts: 400Member
    I have a forum site for android ( everywhere you want i can do a free review for you guys ^^
  • thegasman2000thegasman2000 Posts: 10Member
    edited November 2012
    I have started a new app review site with an android fan boy friend. We offer a paid review but it just means you skip the queue to get reviewed. check the site out and submit some apps. Were not that busy at the moment, as we have just started, so worth getting free submissions in!

    We are currently developing an app for the review business too so hopefully will get some momentum. Honest reviews only!

    [had to remove link, this stuff is not allowed. Check advertising sticky]
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