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So ... Tshirtbooth, esjgamapple did you notice any changes?

beaudoin_nbeaudoin_n Member Posts: 184
edited November -1 in Introductions
Did your sales increase at all using Plus+ network with We rule?

My stats. Mind you i get US sales ( i thought we rule was only in Canada)
1st day 130 sales combined
2nd day 26 sales (only one game)
3rd day 40 sales combined

seems to be proportionnal with my efforts (Time spent, timing, net friends)


  • ejsgameejsgame Member Posts: 161
    i only manage to get 2 downloads...:(
    maybe its caused by my lite version...lite version downloads increased though..took off my lite version and lets see how it works tomorrow...:)
  • beaudoin_nbeaudoin_n Member Posts: 184
    How many friends did you add?
  • ejsgameejsgame Member Posts: 161
    around 300 i think...where do you add yours?
  • ChaserChaser Member Posts: 1,453
    I removed my lite version and my sales went from 2 a day to 12 on my full version of Gumball Copter. I was getting about 100 downloads a day on my lite version.
  • beaudoin_nbeaudoin_n Member Posts: 184
    Wow you added 300 on Plus+ network ?
  • ejsgameejsgame Member Posts: 161
    i think i should take off the lite version permanently then..ya...where did you add yours?
  • beaudoin_nbeaudoin_n Member Posts: 184
    In We Rule... I think i have around 100 so my sales actually surpass the number of friends i have
  • beaudoin_nbeaudoin_n Member Posts: 184
    Sorry i also don't know how many people added me in Godfinger
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