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Your Earnings!

AdamgoproAdamgopro Posts: 310Member
I know something simular has been mentioned before But lets keep up to date shall we :)

What is your current Gamesalad Earnings for the curious type.

Total Cash earned : $0
Number of games : 0
Pro Version : Yes/no
Ad's included : Yes/no
is your game free : Yes/no
Best type of game : ...?
For money or Fun : ...?
how long have you been using Gamesalad : ...?
What would you like to achieve from Gamesalad ...?
Longest time spent making a single game : ...?

Hope to hear from the majority of you, hopefully this will persuade people into Gamemaking :)


  • AdamgoproAdamgopro Posts: 310Member
    You dont have to answer all the questions.
  • IsabelleKIsabelleK Posts: 2,807Member, Sous Chef
    I think that no one will answer questions about earnings.

  • RPRP Posts: 1,990Member
    Sounds more like data mining.
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