Two iTunes Connect Issues

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Howdy everyone.

About a week ago I got the email that Apple were opening the App store to another 32 countries, and to sell in these countries I would need to agree to new contract stuff in iTunes connect, but when I go there I don't see anything new to agree too. Anyone else have this problem?
Might it be possible that they released this updated contract a few days before, which is when I set my iTunes Connect account up, so maybe i've already got it?

Another issue is that I thought I may as well set up iAd contracts, just to save time in the future, but when I go to choose my bank account it doesn't let me choose the same bank account I had for the Paid Applications contract.

Any help would be great, because Apple makes it very hard to send emails to them.

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  • ChobbifaceChobbiface Posts: 491
    Accepted Answer
    Under contracts/tax/banking section - you should see 'contracts in effect':

    1. iOS Paid
    2. iOS Free
    3. iAd Network.

    If this is all you see, and no section for 'requesting' additional contracts, then you're fine and up to date. You would also get a reminder on front page when you log in if you weren't up to date.

    I also had the same problem with choosing the same bank account for iAds. All you need to do is wait a while, log out and log back in later. It should default to the same bank account later automatically. I think Apple's system just takes a little time to update.
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