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Walter01Walter01 Member Posts: 10
I have an android game that I've been working on..its been selling awesome on the market.
I really want to release a free version using kiip with my latest update, I know for a fact that the game would have millions of installs if it was free...
I've been searching the forum and I had a few questions that I couldn't find any info on

1.Do you get credited per install or is it once a prize is claimed?
2.Are there any changes to the allowed permissions when you use kiip?
3.Has anybody received any reports or payments yet?

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  • Golem_EntGolem_Ent Posts: 17
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    IIRC players have to claim rewards in order for you to get credit.


  • maxbeaumontmaxbeaumont Member Posts: 616

    Some of your questions need a little clarity with what exactly you need to know my friend. As far as the last one, yes people have gotten payed I believe. But that would be something to direct @SSS. You say that you know for a fact that you would get millions of downloads if the game was free.. Please share what game you are selling exactly. I think the community would be very interested to see.

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