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Prevent Older devices from downloading app?

MobileRocketGamesMobileRocketGames Posts: 128Member
Hello guys,
Is it possible to prevent older devices (as opposed to older SDK versions) from downloading an app?
The main benefit of this would be only having to create one version of the game @ 960x640 instead of two with 480x320.
Unfortunately the 3GS can update to iOS 6.0 but still has the low res display. This seems like a very poor decision on apples part, as there seems to be no other way to differentiate between devices.


  • MobileRocketGamesMobileRocketGames Posts: 128Member
    edited June 2012
    Holy moly batman!
    Took you a whole 3 minutes to find and answer my question @tshirtbooth.
    Tsk tsk!
    Thanks for your tutorial videos btw. They are very insightful.
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