Elerium 115 - Demo is ready to play

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Woo-Hoo, here is the next teaser of Elerium 115, this time it includes a playable first level. The graphics need a little more polishing but it's complete apart from a few more bad guys and 'unseen features'

The other later levels are shaping up nicely (not included in the demo)

Please review this little game, tell me what you think - Eager to finish this and publish (if possible in the near future) sometime soon!

Use the arrow keys to turn, thrust & space to file.

Salvage the Elerium (little diamonds) and return them to the jump gate (where you started)




  • quantumsheepquantumsheep Member Posts: 8,188
    Nicely done there, sir. Looks very professional and plays very nicely.

    Great job!

    QS :)

    Dr. Sam Beckett never returned home...
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  • CodeMonkeyCodeMonkey Head Chef, Member, PRO Posts: 1,803
    Elerium wins. There's no contest to win but it wins anyways. Awesome game. Though the restart needs a fix.
  • scitunesscitunes Member, Sous Chef Posts: 4,047
  • TobyToby Member Posts: 478
    Codemonkey, what's the restart issue? Something not being reset or a display problem?
  • CodeMonkeyCodeMonkey Head Chef, Member, PRO Posts: 1,803
    I played and ran out of time, and played the game again, but time didn't reset.

    EDIT: Oh, I clicked on the screen and it went back to the title screen where I clicked again and it went back to the game where time ran out.
  • butterbeanbutterbean Member Posts: 4,315
    Nice game!! Looks incredible, this is definitely one of my faves! Great job!
  • KamazarKamazar Member Posts: 287
    Holy s#$@! Looks like I got a new standard to work up to. Amazing job, Toby.
  • SDMGSDMG Member Posts: 280
    so far the best looking game ;))

  • ktfrightktfright Member Posts: 964
    seriously sous chefs, how could we let this happen? j/k good job Toby ;D
  • JGary321JGary321 Member Posts: 1,246
    Don't worry ktfright I'm working on an ultra, top-secret, would have to kill ya if I told ya, highly-classified game that will bring honor to Chefs around the world!

  • TobyToby Member Posts: 478
    Love to be able to try this out on my iPhone. Need to see what control methods work best for the game (Tilt accelerometer / Onscreen Thumbstick?)

    Hoping 0.4.9 update has the long-overdue publish to iPhone button up the top....... getting worried a little bit, is it really coming?

    I'd hate to put in the effort and then find I have to move to another game engine.
  • quantumsheepquantumsheep Member Posts: 8,188
    Don't worry, be happy!

    (sorry, very tired here...)

    Dr. Sam Beckett never returned home...
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/Quantum_Sheep
    Web: https://quantumsheep.itch.io

  • TobyToby Member Posts: 478
    Elerium 115 - Minor fix to the game reset issue (found by Codemonkey) and some additional sound effects and intro graphics. Please stress test this game demo, I cant make it fall over. Cleaned up a little code here and there. Please review.

  • TobyToby Member Posts: 478
    Now there is even more reason to play and test my game. The demo it has 2 levels now, the graphics on level 2 are pretty sweet too (jungle-esque). Check em' out by completing level 1.

    What's new:
    - Added some more audio
    - New level and graphics
    - New in between screens (Crude but will do until I can do good ones)
    - Brand Intro
    - Game Over screen (Crude but will do until I can do a good one)

    To do:
    - Add another level
    - Explosion debris
    - More voices (Ahem!...... Me me me me me me me me me me me me me.........LA!)
    - New Enemy
    - Add an end of game BOSS
    - Spit and polish
    - Design and illustrate game character (Player)
    - Design and illustrate game Boss - (voiceover guy)
    - Constantly update the splash pages, as I begin to dislike the designs after a while and try to improve them.

  • butterbeanbutterbean Member Posts: 4,315
    I just wanna' say again that I love your game and I think it's the best we've seen so far!

    Just a few things I wanted to suggest in an otherwise flawless game :)

    When the warning signal comes up for time running out, you may want to do it at a lower time, like when there's 30 seconds or less left, I think it pop up at the 40 second left mark right? It just seems too soon to me, but it's up to you :)

    Also, when the ship moves really fast, I noticed when I'm shooting that the bullets spawn from a different area on the ship, and don't spawn from the front? I'm sure it's the delayed response from spawning the bullets, but maybe that could be tightened up a bit, otherwise this game is perfect! Love it Toby :)

    How did you create the pod where the ship spawns? Is that just an animation? That looks amazing :)
  • TobyToby Member Posts: 478
    Hi Butter, Agreed a lower time would be better. I'm going to do the VoiceOver countdown for the last 10 seconds also. In regards to the bullet speed, I think the bullets have a maximum speed applied, so consquently when the ship goes faster than the bullet can travel it would give the appearance of coming out differently. All valuable feedback and much appreciated. I will make a few tweaks. Have to not make it too easy, I guess it's finding that happy medium so the player can't just rely on firepower saturation to win!
  • butterbeanbutterbean Member Posts: 4,315
    Yeah agreed on the firepower, you want to keep the difficulty there for the player, I've been playing it alot, love your game! Can't wait to see it on the iphone, I would definitely purchase it! :)
  • TobyToby Member Posts: 478
    The animations are done in Flash and pumped out as a png sequence. I sometimes do further tweaks in Fireworks. I only have cs2, would love CS4 - will buy eventually when I have some spare funds. CS4 looks awesome for doing animation.
  • TobyToby Member Posts: 478
    Doh, not cs2... Studio8 (macromedia) just before they merged.
  • SDMGSDMG Member Posts: 280
    Hi Toby,

    just my opinion ... but the sound of your logo is something i will never forget... a little bit painful?

    The elerium-crystals sometimes spawn at the border of the screen where they are not reachable...
    ...and i have tried really very very hard to make the first level ;) and today i did it but the game freezes...
    ---> after 1 sec. black screen ;(

    where is my next level?

  • SDMGSDMG Member Posts: 280
    hey this time it has worked!

    So ... nice 2. level ;))

    Btw ... my last crystal reached the goal in the last second (yeah!) ...and first i have got the gameover "hahaha" and then the second level has started ...


  • CodeMonkeyCodeMonkey Head Chef, Member, PRO Posts: 1,803
    I had the spawner in level 2 right in front of the only exit and couldn't get out as it spawned a shooter everytime I tried to shoot my way through. Maybe a delay in spawning a replacement.

    "he Apple App Store" spelling mistake.
  • TobyToby Member Posts: 478
    Thought it would never happen but Elerium 115 has now entered the app store... finally after many phonecalls and fixes requested by Apple.

    This is a (arm7) iPhone 3GS / newest iPod Touch / (A8) iPad game only, sorry 3G owners... it would just not run fast enough to play on the arm6 processor.

    Proud to announce the game is here: Finally!

    Promo codes to follow shortly!
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