Please Help! 8-Bit Art blurry?

ArmuelArmuel Member Posts: 31
I have decided to use 8bit art in my game, I have created 8x8 sprites but when I put them into gamesaladthey become blurry because i have to make the character 100x100. How do I fix this? I want them to keep their 8x8 resolution.

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  • ArmuelArmuel Member Posts: 31
    Yes, but how do I upload it to this discussion?
  • ArmuelArmuel Member Posts: 31
    Either make your actor as 8x8 or resize the actor in photoshoP to 100x100 using 'preserve hard edges'

    The artwork. Coming into gs should be at the size you want to use
    I'll try the photoshop method.

  • ArmuelArmuel Member Posts: 31
    I did scale canvas on pixen to 100x100 and it works great. Thanks.
  • grierdillgrierdill Member Posts: 16
    Is there any way to change this in GameSalad? It seems like it would use LESS processer power than blurring the images like it currently does.
  • jigglybeanjigglybean Member Posts: 1,584
    @grierdill you cant increase the size of images in gamesalad with out it making them blurry. You can down size but not the reverse

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  • LittleCube13LittleCube13 Member Posts: 24

    Go to and there you can do your artwork, I had the exact same problem. Hope it helped!

  • ArmuelArmuel Member Posts: 31

    Lmao its been three years bro I don't even use game salad anymore. Close but no cigar.

  • RPRP Member Posts: 1,990

    What incantation did you use to resurrect this thread from the dead? It was not the Clatu Verata Nictu one was it?

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