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bladeolsonbladeolson Posts: 295Member
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1 month ago I found myself in the not so fun position of having to find myself a new job.

I have a few months to figure out what to do next. I decided to use that time to fulfill a dream of mine to develop and release my own iPhone app. Over the past month I have been working hard to make that happen. In fact the release date, 3/24 is exactly 1 month from the day I lost my job! I would like to present the fruits of my labor here. I'd like ot say that it came out well and it is really a fun game. Colorful toon graphics and lots of cool sounds. It is called Jumpo!

I could not have done this without GameSalad and without the great support from all the cool people I have met in the forums. Thank you! Here are some promo codes to check it out. If you use a code, please be kind and leave a nice review for me. I could use some extra bucks while I look for work.


You guys rock,


Company Website:

Availability: 3/24/2010


Aliens from the planet Zyborb have kidnaped Bloobi. To save your cute friend, get to the top and grab the flag of each world. Beware of Nillies, Gleebs, Kaminaros, and Tobots. Grab goodies to earn stars and score points.

4 Hand Drawn Cartoon worlds

- The Cave
- The Forest
- The Clouds
- Space

Choose from 3 game modes:

- Button Control
- Tilt Control
- Dual Control

Screen Shots:

YouTube Video Trailer:

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