New pixel art tool

rhinokeyrhinokey Member Posts: 158 being a game artist i have lots of other game arty friends and we pass tools and stuff we find back and forth. One of my friends posted this on twitter this morning, i havent had a cance to try it yet. and i dont think i will be going fo a pixel look for the game i'm currently working on, But figured some of you guys and gals may find it usefull


  • Pennez-GamesPennez-Games Member Posts: 107
    @rhinokey looks cool im trying it!
  • ginnixginnix Member Posts: 41
    Here is another one I use.
  • Luke5227Luke5227 Member Posts: 1
    Thanks! I haven't found any good free pixel art creators that aren't limited to a certain size or are only online. I've recently gotten interested into pixel art so this will be a great tool for me to try out. Thanks!
  • ZoytZoyt Member Posts: 374
    Dang. I wish GameSalad had a tile editor like Pyxel Edit does. That's my #1 request. #2 is joints. But great find! Thanks!
  • nick98nick98 Member Posts: 4
    Looks handy. Thanks.
  • HapiappsHapiapps Member Posts: 373

    Don't think we are going to see anything like that in GS anytime soon.


    Looks pretty cool, downloading now. Never tried pixel art but seems like a good program to start trying with.
  • jonathan_panjonathan_pan Member Posts: 21
    edited August 2012
    is there a pyxel edit download for mac without having adobe air???
  • J_PANJ_PAN Member Posts: 140
    you don't need adobe air i don't think
  • J_PANJ_PAN Member Posts: 140
    never mind, you do, i just downloaded it and it needed adobe air :(
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