Wacom Bamboo Capture Graphics Tablet

gotyoursgotyours Member Posts: 246
hey guys i was in the apple store and seen this device, anyone out there have 1, and if so is it any good???


  • FlamingbananaFlamingbanana Member, PRO Posts: 90
    Hey gotyours!

    I have a Wacom Bamboo tablet and it is fantastic. Although I don't have the capture version (which is just a better version of what I have) there pretty much the same a far as features go. It works perfectly with photoshop and illustrator. If you use the pen it senses how much pressure your using and it really makes you art look that much better. If you want to see what I'm talking about just look at this video and it show you what you can do with it:

    Hope that helps :)
  • gotyoursgotyours Member Posts: 246
    great i think i will go grab it today
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