'Quake Builder' - 1st images, 2 months in the making. what do u think?

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Evening GameSalad peeps.

After some small success making an App (about 6 sales a day), which was created back in January during my paternity leave after our first baby was born. A healthy baby girl, I even posted on the forum during labour, when I was learning my way around the software.

Now after 2 months working on my first game, during any spare time a can. Bare in mind theres a screaming, feeding, pooing little monster in the house, plus I have to go to my full time job still.

I'm nearing completion of 'Quake Builder', a very tricky Physics based puzzle game.

You build up the provided blocks into as stable a structure as you can, once ready (and at correct 'target height') you shake to quake. And see if your building will survive a quake for 10 seconds. The strength of quake, amount of land and types of block available varies from level to level.

Each level has a introduction screen, with a few tips and highscore for each level.

Anyway, I plan on making some youtube videos soon, showing off the game play.

I've got a few more levels I want to make, and bits n pieces.

but, please take a look at the image on the link below, and any feedback or excitement would be great to hear.

http://stormystudio.com/images/screen shot montage v1.jpg


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