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★★★ Sheep Count HD is now available!! it's FREE the first 24 hours ★★★

WTDeveloperWTDeveloper Posts: 352Member
edited July 2012 in Announce Your Game!
Hey everyone,
some months ago I released my first game Sheep Count (
Today some months later I can announce the HD Version of the Game!!!

I hope you will take a look on my game and have some fun with it...
When you have some Feedback please contact me...

Download Link:




• 3 amazing modes (Normal,Hardcore and all Coins)

• Regular free updates!!

• Easy Touch Controls

• Black and white sheeps!

• Wonderful family adventure!
• Beautiful graphics!

• A great shop to buy Power-Ups!!!
• 3 useful Power-Ups!!!

It's free the first 24h so get it until it's free!!!


thanks to
@patapple,@tshirtbooth,@UtopianGames and everybody else for helping me anytime you can!!!
You guys are the best!!

About me:
I'm a 14 year old developer from Germany and at the moment I have 3 Apps on the AppStore:
Sheep Count,Sheep Count Lite,Sheep Count HD


  • UtopianGamesUtopianGames Posts: 5,685Member
    Best of luck with sales!

  • WTDeveloperWTDeveloper Posts: 352Member
    thanks Darren
  • DeadlySeriousMediaDeadlySeriousMedia ArizonaPosts: 838Member
    I love the "One Fantastic Level" label. :)
  • WTDeveloperWTDeveloper Posts: 352Member
    ok ;D
    be sure to download it in the first 24h when it's free!!
  • ekelrockekelrock Posts: 34Member
    Nice work on the app. I downloaded the iPad and iPhone versions, but the extra space on the iPad makes it feel way better. Good luck on the sales!
  • jonathan_panjonathan_pan Posts: 21Member
    @WTDeveloper, that game is similar to one DBA is selling. Did you make this game off that template? :-/
  • WTDeveloperWTDeveloper Posts: 352Member
    no i didn't use the template...

    Some informations on rankings:
    Liberia #4 in Top Free iPad Games
    Ukraine #503 in Top Free iPad Games
    Poland #663 in Top Free iPad Games
  • WTDeveloperWTDeveloper Posts: 352Member
    Now it's 0.99$
    Please buy it and leave an review on the AppStore!!!

    When you want to get a Promo Code,
    like my Facebook page and send me an PM

  • jonathan_panjonathan_pan Posts: 21Member
    how do you collect the coins???
  • WTDeveloperWTDeveloper Posts: 352Member
    edited August 2012
    take the platform or the sheep to collide with them
  • gamewizard99gamewizard99 Posts: 67Member, PRO
    It Looks Great! How did you create such professional looking graphics?
  • WTDeveloperWTDeveloper Posts: 352Member
    Had some help from a good friend ;D
  • WTDeveloperWTDeveloper Posts: 352Member
    The game is now free for unknown time!!!
    Please download this game and buy the iPhone Version!!!

    Do you want to get news about our game??
    Like our Facebook page to get the News about Sheep Count!!!

    Please leave an review on the AppStore!!!
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