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Sizing Help

memski425memski425 Posts: 19Member
Hello i was wondering what size would be good for a platformer for the character thanks


  • HapiappsHapiapps Posts: 373Member
    It depends on how much of the screen it will take up and the style. Each game is different but it normally take up 1/3 to 1/4 of the screen and assuming its landscape, that would be around 80-120 pixels tall. The width depends on if its carrying anything or if the character is chubby or some other factors but normally 3/4 of the height so around 60-80. But it really depends on what platform size (iPad, iPhone, Nook…), the type of game, the style of art, and how you want it to look so you may have to test different sizes to see what works.
  • memski425memski425 Posts: 19Member
    ok thank you very much
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