almost a great Kill the King score

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Kill the King's Record mode gives it a lot of replay value. You can go round the three levels trying to achieve a lower score. My current scores are 34 38 47, so I'll sometimes tackle the third level to trying and reduce that some more.

Alas, many of the sub levels in level 3 are quite mean, in that you can do perfect actions and be microscopically mistimed, and have to start the level again. So it's not too often that you get a run of completing all the sub levels in the fewest shots possible. But I did very nearly manage that. Here's my score going into 3-16:

As you can see, if I had managed to get 3-16 in one shot, which is quite possible, my Level 3 score would have been lower than either of the other two levels. But it was not to be, after 18 attempts I gave up. I'm starting to work out tactics for the most mean of the level 3 sub levels, so one of these days I'll improve my score.


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