Use Gamesalad as App for Audio Publishing (without Games elements).

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Hello everybody,

I read the nice article about gamesalad in the Economist, and I haven't found a reply to the following questions.

I want to publish several Music Albums in one app. The user should buy the app, and then choose Album 1, Album 2 etc. So like an in app purchase, but no purchase, the download is free as the app is paid for already.

Later on, the user should be able to delete the downloaded Album 1, and download Album 2. (I want to avoid having huge app with all Albums 1,2,3,4 etc already downloaded.) The Audio should be available offline (once downloaded), so no streaming.

Do you think this is possible? Thanks in advance for short replies, and sorry if that is explained somewhere where I did not see it.


  • MetzoPainoMetzoPaino Member Posts: 195
    You could release an app as a way to listen to music, Bjork did something similar and it's perfectly possible with GameSalad.

    However you won't be able to download albums or delete them later. It will all need to be in the app when it is released.
  • petercoupepetercoupe Member Posts: 94
    edited July 2012
    If each album were an actor you could destroy the content of this actor by activating, say, a button during the 'game' play. A bit dangerous though - as someone might destroy the thing they didn't want or mean to, then you would have to spend time answering the 'how do I reinstate...' query.
    But, as MetzoPaino says above, you can't upload new content (unless you issue an updated app).
    I was asked by a photographer friend of mine a while back to do something similar - create an app where he could upload his photographs from time to time to keep people in touch with his current output, and I had to give the same response.
    That said, if it can be done, this is the place where you will find someone who knows how!
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