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My latest is out - Dots Dashes and Bombs

Peter_OlafsonPeter_Olafson Posts: 301Member
edited July 2012 in Announce Your Game!
You can download it for free(in the iAd supported US, France or Great Britain) or buy it for a whopping 99 cents. The free version is called Dots Dashes and Bombs Free.


  • ironDanironDan Posts: 148Member
    Gotta be honest and I hope you take the criticism as a positive thing. The pictures and description left me with questions??

    Is it a one player game vs AI Bot? or is it a 2 player human game where you take turns?
    I ask cause you say "turn the tide on your opponent"

    Aslo the gameplay description is vague, I don't know of the old game is you are referring to with the new twist. If others out there (and there will be) don't know what the old game you are referring to is we don't have something to compare it to and won't be comfortable to buy something on a whim.

    And the support page link that leads to your website doesn't have this new game on it, if it did and there was a video link of the gameplay people would know exactly what it is they are gonna buy.

    When I see (this is just my opinion) a game out there with basically the same screenshots and a link to a site with no video or extra info I assume its another quick release of a poor indie game. Apple gives you five pics to use, make sure you use them all in eye catching ways to engage a prospective buyer.

    Im sure you spent a lot of time developing this game, but as excited as we get to release our projects to the world we need to realize the market is flooded and we need to do whatever we can to get the edge on the competition.

    Good luck with the sales and I look forward to playing it.

  • Peter_OlafsonPeter_Olafson Posts: 301Member
    Thanks. I'm going to do a video, just haven't yet. The first line in the description says 2 player only. I'd like to add a version with ai but with that many choices it's pretty complicated. I'll work on adding more detail to the description. Thanks for the feedback.
  • Peter_OlafsonPeter_Olafson Posts: 301Member
    And I haven't yet because I'm doing another project for a friend in straight up x-code. My brain is melting and dripping out my ears.
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