Quake Builder - Video Preview teaser - feedback appreciated

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(trying to perfect my sales pitch :-)

Quake Builder 1.0

Due for release in the App store in late April 2010

YouTube Video link:

Tiny backstory:
Its the work of me, a first time Father. Back on January the 13th 2010 I became the proud father of our first baby. Since then I've been learning my way round making iphone apps/games with the dream of buying that perfect house on the beach. I'm using every spare minute I can in between a full time job and looking after the little monster each evening …I mean gorgeous daughter.

She is currently rolling around on her play mat getting very excited by the prospect of Quake builder being released….or is that just wind…

My first creation took 2 days and was a simple 'Baby Sleep app' that played sounds to send the wee one of to sleep. It was accepted on the app store and is called 'Contented Baby Sleep'.

From that tiny bit of success I thought I was ready to take on my first full game idea. And two months later I'm nearing completion of lots of tired hours work.

It started off as a simple balance game idea and it has grown into something quite cool, and tricky. A balance game with a big twist.

Ladies and gentlemen I give you, what is hopefully a new best seller..

Quake Builder:
A tricky, real world physics based Puzzle game. You build it, you activate the quake, and with a bit of skill you will survive it.

With 20 unlockable levels on initial release and more stages planned for later updates. Lots of different sorts of blocks, bouncy ones, explosive ones, circles, ones that use multi touch.

On each level you can set a highscore, and try and survive a quake using the provided varied blocks. The quake might be stronger, there might be less land, you may need to make bridges. You have to build the perfect structure to make it past the end of the quakes destructive forces.

With some retro game music and sound effects…I'm hoping I've got the gameplay just right.

Please take a look at the video link below, any feedback would be great. And at some point soon I'm going to be on the hunt for some Beta testers. Also soon after release will dish out some Promo codes in the hope of getting some good reviews.


please spread the word...

thanks for looking....fingers crossed it is not a big pile of poo.... oh no wait thats my daughter... great... :(


  • beefy_clyrobeefy_clyro Member Posts: 5,390
    good work draper, looks really cool
  • KempProductionsKempProductions Member Posts: 139
    Looks like a great game!!
  • synthesissynthesis Member Posts: 1,693
    HOLY CRAP Draper...this thing is looking great.
    The sound is great...the gameplay looks fantastic...

    Only suggestion...
    If you can squeeze out a couple hundred bucks (or have a friend with some drawing ability)...do a great splash screen (eg...kill the king). it will go a long way to giving your game some street cred on the app store.

    Also...I recommend you make your timer a little more impactive...it feels too understated...and it seems like a key gameplay element. Seems like it should fit the skin graphics more rather than generic digit fonts...maybe a custom font there would be better.

    Looks great...great concept...nice execution...just keep polishing til its nice and shiny!!!
  • StormyStudioStormyStudio United KingdomMember Posts: 3,987
    Cheers peeps.

    @synthesis , you are right the two things I've been putting off, nicer splash screen and timer. Oh and doing the last few levels.

    Any creative ideas for splashscreen? As I don't have characters, maybe a crowd running from tumbling blocks? I can hopefully do the art work my self, illustration and animation was my thing at uni. Butaube could pay someone with a different view
  • synthesissynthesis Member Posts: 1,693
    Do a google [ image ] search for "crazy earthquake" or something similar and see what pops up...that is sometimes how I look for ideas.
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