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Triple Pixel Game Pack (Free Versions Available)

oxheyoxhey Posts: 28Member
edited July 2012 in Announce Your Game!
Today id like to tell you about 3 games that are really addictive and fun to play.

Wheels -

The Escape - our mission is to get past all the guards, detectors etc to find doors to eventually escape to your freedom! You may have to use switches to open doors or control security devices if unable to get through straight away. -

Pixel Panic - Pixel Panic is an addictive reaction game where you must jump your way through levels of increasing difficulty. -

As always , these games have liter versions for you to test out. But there totally worth the price.

Wheels lite -

Pixel Panic lite -

The Escape lite -

All of these games have regular updates with tons of new levels and characters. If the full versions get enough downloads then they will be released for free in the future and on Android aswell.


The developer of these games.


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