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kanomikanomi Posts: 7Member
edited August 2012 in Introductions
This is Allen with SDP studio. I originally was with Radical Entertainment in a roll outside of the main office development. My background is HARD CORE embedded programming. Anyway, we are going game salad and not Unity at this time because of the rapid development templats easily found and we need to pay our bills and feed ourselves.

Anyway, we pulled several developers from 1/2Brick House and 1 from Pop Cap and another few from NES.

I have one big question.....

Is Mobclix in the release pro version? Or do I have to SDK the thing into the source of each game? If it is even possible....

Halfbrick loves them however the impressions from may are just being paid on July 20th....the first checks going out! So pay is little off. But halfbrick earns 400K from Fruit Ninja in ads per month! If you do not believe me link

So from all our sources in the big leagues and from hanging out at the water cooler in the Big Leagues Developer studios....Mobclix has 100% fill and GREAT earnings ability.

Is Mobclix in the new release coming or not? (proversion only)

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