Invalid Path Error Please help! Oh the troubles of creation lol.. Windows Beta Creator

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Hello! I've been trouble shooting a way to correct the "invalid Path" error. When i was working on my game, i had used attributes with Motion Linear Velocity And X Or Y. Either of the X or Y path give me the same error. when the attribute is placed inside of the conditional placement, i get a red container saying invalid path! Once while having the error in the attribute box i clicked the green play button, went back to my code, and it was showing the correct path! I was very excited! but sadly after going back to the play button again to see the changes i had made after notcing the path was now correct... i went back after pressing the play button and it once again said invalid path..

The code actually works! if you put it in manually. but if i wanted to go back and change the line it is very difficult to remember what the actual code i typed out was... since it turns into a red button shape with invalid path inside.

Im going to keep trying to find a work around this.. but would be very very happy if you could put this problem on the list of Windows Beta Bug Fixes... really really would appreciate it!

I also have come across a comment / forum topic where the person stated if you unlock the actor that is on the level you can then actually see the path without the invalid bit.. and drag that into the custom rules inside of behaviors. then once the custom rule is there i can put it inside the prototype. but with the invalid path error still there..

Im going to test alot more .. whether logging in out.. or restarting or switching scenes enables the path to become valid or visible as it has once done before for a limited time.

can anyone direct me on how to go about fixing this or trouble shooting this with support? I LOVE LOVE LOVE Game Salad and want to help improve the interface and or bugs that i have been coming across!

Thank you for taking the time to read my post on this problem! Any solutions would be amazing! Thank You!
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