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Using Photos with PNGs

lukejrlukejr Posts: 11Member

I am using a number of photos in my app, they are full 2048x1536 photos. As JPEG I can have it at about 300k in size, as JPEGs were designed for photos. But as GS needs PNG files the size as a PNG jumps to 2.2MB, using PNG optimization I can get it down to 1.9MB, but this is still huge. Is there anyway to get a photo to look good on Retina but not consume close to 2MB?

Thanks, JR.


  • IsabelleKIsabelleK Posts: 2,807Member, Sous Chef
    2MB is not huge :) My games are bigger than 300 MB.
  • lukejrlukejr Posts: 11Member
    I would really like to make it smaller thought. Is there a reason GameSalad uses PNG instead of JPEGs? Using PNGs for photos is very wasteful of space.
  • lukejnrlukejnr Posts: 63Member
    what i did for my photo hunt game was add all my JPG images to the game. Then when the game was done i went into the xml file and changes all the .png to .jpg and then manually added the jpg images back into my games image folder.
    Wow and that worked. Excellent. Otherwise it was going to be a 100MB of photos, JPEGs are considerably smaller.

    I must add this to my survey list feedback for Pro users.

  • lukejnrlukejnr Posts: 63Member
    I assume I change it only in the assets.xml and I just change the file name from .png to .jpeg and then swap out the images.

  • zzap64zzap64 Posts: 405Member
    I use the JPG trick as well, problem I'm finding is that I cannot generate my app in the new web publisher using this and have to go back to PNG's. Anyone else managed to publish with JPG's ?
  • lukejnrlukejnr Posts: 63Member
    edited August 2012
    That's interesting. Hmmm, I haven't tried to publish with that trick yet in the new web publisher. Using PNGs for displaying photos really is a huge waste of space, PNGs really aren't designed for photos.

    GS any plan to support JPEGs? Show a warning when you add JPEGs and ask if you'd like them converted or not, so user can decide this.
  • lukejnrlukejnr Posts: 63Member
    I'd still like to be able to use JPEGs by default in GameSalad for photos.
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