Sync to Ipod not working after update to 0.10

luke2125luke2125 Member, PRO Posts: 225

Hopefully someone can help me...I recently made the update from 0.94 to 0.10 and follow the new web publishing system tutorial, however, now I don't see the Application on the Ipod? Am I supposed to connect to the Itunes via my credentials.....I'm just testing the application.....Before the update, I would choose Itunes, and then my Itunes would open automatically, and I would see the downloaded, and then just apply to install in my Ipod, but now, I'm confused. I have a Developer Account with Apple, have the Provisioning Files, etc.........I would appreciate any help regarding this...Thanks and God Bless....


p.s. I'm almost finish with my game and now this.....:) Hay caramba!!!!!!!!
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