cant apply for abn number

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hey everyone im having trouble applying for a ABN number i filled out the form but it said i wasn't eligible so i was just wondering what did you guys do to get a ABN number because i have no idea why they are not letting me.


  • EpicEpic Member Posts: 89
    nevermind i got it to work but its going to take 28 days
  • EpicEpic Member Posts: 89
    No the first time I tried it didn't work the second time I tried after I called them it worked ( the second time I said I was a contractor ) but now I have to wait 28 days while i bought the iOS developer account about 5 - 6 weeks ago so I'm just basically wasting my money but @tshirtbooth while I'm asking could I upload my games to apple but and earn money on them and when I get my abn number and Gst number I receive the money I earned.
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    And the iOS developer account was registered as personal but I requested a paid contract so I could charge money for my games
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