What devices do you recommend for testing your GS games.

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I've been developing Apps for iPhone and iPad and i own these devices as well. I would like to begin publishing my games for Android devices, but before I run out to purchase an Android device it would help if I could hear from the GS community what your recommendations are. Do I have to get an Android phone + Nook + Kindle to cover all bases? Or can I get away with having just one of these devices? I look forward to hearing from you.



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    I guess the best way is to have them all. I don't know if you have seen those tables of big developers where they lay a white piece of paper on the table with all the outlines of different devices drawn on them where they lay the devices on? I want one ;)
    I only have an iPhone and promised myself not to buy anything else before I make enough money for other platforms. But it's tempting.. :D
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    @LudwigHeijden I'm with you...I need to make enough money before purchasing the other devices. So how are you able to design for the Android with only an iPhone? No I haven't seen those tables you are referring to...can you send a pict when you get a chance?
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    I am not sure where I saw this. Wasn't it in Indy Game: The Movie?
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