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Hi, just starting out with Gamesalad and loving it!
But running into some limitations and hoping someone can shed some light.

Basically we have a letter game.... with letter and box prototypes. The goal is to put some letters into boxes to spell words.
We could create all of the instances of the letters on the scene initially but we want to minimize that by using spawner for the letters.

The problem: Is there any way for a letter to access a box's attributes or vice versa without dropping all of the letters and boxes onto the scene?

I've tried to do this through the prototype, but the prototype can't access the attributes through the Current Scene > Layer > Letter > AttributeX because current scene is NOT visible from prototype.

Any help is much appreciated.



  • MotherHooseMotherHoose Member Posts: 2,456
    have you tried this with tables?

    the boxes' X;Ys can be in a table …
    the spawned letters can reference those tableCellValues

    image MH
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