How to continue looping a background image

famekraftsfamekrafts Member, BASIC Posts: 834
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I have a mountain which I need to loop endlessly on x axis, it will go out of screen from left and still continue moving in from the the right side. It needs to be seamless.

I am just starting with GS, so would like to know how to make it possible?

Is there a video or text tutorial which will teach how to make a complete game of one category rather than just the beginning tutroials on the youtube videos?


  • LumpAppsLumpApps Member Posts: 2,878
    Have you seen GShelper videos? They are made by tShirtBooth and there are some compete game making tutorials. On YouTube ofcourse. ;)
  • famekraftsfamekrafts Member, BASIC Posts: 834
    I am going through them but there are over 100 videos, can you give me a particular link ?
  • paralyzeparalyze Member Posts: 20
    hi did you succeed finding a solution on the seamless looped background?
    i have similar problem, but i want a actor to be looped seamless
    what ever left or right of direction
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