Has anyone else had trouble with Nook publishing since the latest release?

LiquidGameworksLiquidGameworks Anchorage, AKMember, Sous Chef Posts: 956
I've been trying to release an app on for Nook Tablet and Color, and I've now been rejected twice for

"The application has not passed technical review and is waiting for an update from the developer.
Files - Rejected: NOOK Color
The user interface of your app is not appropriately scaled or designed for the NOOK family of devices and their displays. Please refer to the test criteria information, address the issue, and resubmit. "

The thing is, the output file is for the Nook family, at a resolution of 1024X600, which is the resolution for both the Nook Color and Tablet, so why is it being rejected for the Nook Color? I've tested this on a Kindle, which is also the same resolution, and it looks fine. Has anyone else had this issue?

Tagging @SaladStraightShooter to see if you've seen anything.


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