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Making game for both ipad and iphone? What size and resolution to take and other memory issues

famekraftsfamekrafts Posts: 834Member, BASIC
edited August 2012 in Working with GS (Mac)
Should I select resolution independent to work on both? or should I make them as a separate project?

In the video tutorial it is given that we should take images at the size of 8 powers like 64, 128, 1024 to save memory etc. Now these image work at this sizes when I import them at this size or when I change their size inside GS actor size properties?

For example if I have a rendered png image from 3D of 2048 x 1586 and I re size it inside GS to 1024 x 512, that will do or should I import them as 1024 x 512 size instead?

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