App Rejected!

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Hi All.

My app got rejected today with the following reason;-

"We found that your app exhibited one or more bugs, when reviewed on iPhone 4 running iOS 5.1.1, on both Wi-Fi and cellular networks, which is not in compliance with the App Store Review Guidelines.

Specifically, the user is unable to view any app content since a black screen is displayed indefinitely after launch.

The steps to reproduce are:

1. Start the application with an internet connection.
2. Black screen is displayed indefinitely."

I have been using version 0.9.94

I posted in the release notes discussion about avoiding the upgrade until we got this app out there.
Now i am left wondering about the cause of this and it sounds like a play haven issue.

I expect much advice on here will be to update to 0.10.00 and use the new publishing system but that is against all best practise in software development.

Please can someone advise on this as its clearly not a game issue when the game runs in the creator and on the 3gs and 4s we have to test on.

Thank you


I have been going through the app and today there are no playhaven ads being shown. I simply get a button for more games appear eventually and then the game moves on to our own splash screen.

I know GS is free, but the ad part of that is always coming up on these forums as problematic.


  • jezjonesjezjones Member Posts: 13
    Thanks for the comment however we do that already.
    This app was tested extensively on many devices using testflightapp.

    I am hoping for some insight from a GS staffer about any recent issues with Playhaven.

    Now i am working with the new publishing system, i have a feeling that the old system was somehow broken by the new publishing stream in terms of how it implements playhaven. Of course since there is only a 30 day window nothing is going to fixed in the older system.

    I will re-submit through the new system and see if i am successful.
  • jezjonesjezjones Member Posts: 13
    Update: I have updated everything to the latest version and am now using 0.10.00 to publish the app with the associated web based system.

    The app publishes ok and i am able to put it on my test device.

    When running the app there are no ads displayed at the start leaving only a black screen for 7 seconds. Then the app starts with our own splash screen before functioning normally.

    Can anyone at GS confirm if there are issues with Play Haven (i ticked the box for startup ad in the app publisher). What if playhaven has no ads for your region, does it fail gracefully.

    I do not want to re-submit to apple with this delayed start to the app, it looks rubbish.

    Thanks in advance,

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